The Shufton Okito Box

The workers choice...

What is so great about this Okito Box? READ ON!

When I started my search for the ultimate Okito box, I did not know that years of trial and expense would go by before I would finally have to design it myself.

I wanted a box that would hold at least five coins. Why five coins? Standard Okito boxes are designed to hold only four. That means that when you shake the full box, your audience will hear NOTHING! If the box is five deep, when it has four coins in it your audience will still hear a distinctive rattle, LETTING THEM KNOW THE BOX IS FULL!

Another advantage to the five-coin chamber? In a standard box, the fourth coin is level with the rim. When one coin is removed, it is visually obvious. With a five coin chamber, this becomes a bit LESS OBVIOUS and adds another level of deception, allowing you to display the interior MUCH MORE FREELY.

I wanted a box with a little EXTRA HEIGHT. Why extra height? Standard Okito boxes make RIM STEALING rather difficult because your hand has to be pushed so low, it becomes difficult to deceptively make your steal. Although extra height is already added to my box by the five-coin chamber, I added just a little extra in the base. THIS MAKES RIM STEALING SIGNIFICANTLY EASIER! Now the move is quick, easy AND INVISIBLE!

I wanted a box with an EXTRA THICK RIM. Standard boxes have thin, dainty little rims that make depositing a coin on the rim for a steal more difficult, adding to the possibility that you will miss! When you do balance your coin on the rim, standard boxes barely make the sound audible - it does not sound just like the coin went in the box like the ones that did. The Shufton box has EXTRA THICK RIMS. You can put a coin on the rim with ASSURANCE that it will stay there until you steal it, and you can do it with a NICE LOUD CLINK that will convince your audience that it went in just like the others. This is another SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT.

I wanted a box with a WEIGHTED BOTTOM that would make turn over corrections a breeze and sure fire. I wanted a box that could take a beating and last forever in the professional world.

I wanted a box that could ACCOMODATE A SHELL with no fear of sticking or jamming.

There are a lot of very well made boxes on the market, and believe me I have tried them all. My collection of Okito boxes includes every single type you would care to name by every manufacturer, but NONE OF THEM have ALL the features I was looking for to perform more sophisticated routines.

So, I designed my own. The Shufton Okito box is the sturdiest, most veratile, most deceptive box you will find for doing all of your favorite moves. For the routines I performed on my DVD, WRINKLES ON THE TABLE, there is no other box I would even consider using.

I now offer this box to the magic world. This box is the one that will last forever. It is carefully hand crafted by one of the leading brass workers in the world. Each one is meticulously crafted to exacting specifications and polished to give professionals the type of prop they deserve to work with. These are a joy to behold, and a bigger joy to use. Each one is stamped to assure authenticity. If you are an Okito box enthusiast, you will want one of these beauties in you collection today.

The "Shufton" Okito box can be yours for only $40