All the Answers

You may be thinking: "Yeah , right! All the answers to everything? You have got to be kidding. You don't mean to say that this book has literally, ALL the answers, do you?"

That is exactly what I am telling you! This is it! All the answers to life's difficult questions, accumulated and provided in a paper-back book. I know it is hard to accept. After all the toil and strife, it's hard to believe that all the answers we have been searching for, and sometimes dying for, are right here, right now, in the pages of this book.

You know, when I began my search, I couldn't find any answers either! It's almost like they intentionally hide from us. I have always craved a simple resource to help me through life's delicacies and provide me with all the right answers to everything. That's how I knew this book simply had to be written. Sadly, I had to do it myself. Otherwise, we might have had to wait forever.

We are talking about topics like:

    Rabbits feet- lucky?

    Darwin - genius or nuts?

    Plato, Aristotle - any good?

    What's the deal with the universe and this expansion thing?

Are there UFOs? Are psychics real? Is a pomegranate funny? Am I making the right religious choices? Is there such thing as a Holy Doily? How was the fork invented? We are talking the answers to EVERYTHING!!

So, it's done, and available now. All the Answers can be yours. How much would you expect to pay for a complete informational package like this? But wait! There's more! All the Answers is printed on high-quality stock and sandwiched between two fancy-pants glossy covers. Now how much would you expect to pay? A billion dollars? Yes, me too.

Well, we aren't charging a billion dollars today, no-siree-bub. We aren't even charging a million. Nope. Not even a hundred. Aw heck - not even twenty bucks! All the Answers, including paper, ink, cover, full readership rights - the full answers "system," can now be yours, for a limited time (I sincerely hope), for a lousy ten bucks. Get your butt up off the floor - it's true. For only ten dollars, you can now have the answers to absolutely EVERYTHING!

So, why delay? Use the button below and order now with PayPal. Shipping is three dollars to anywhere in the U.S. and five dollars anywhere else in the greater cosmos.

Then again, maybe you are better off not knowing absolutely everything. Naahh... Get yours now!